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Catalyst 12C Powered Loudspeaker


It is often said, “necessity is the mother of invention.” The Catalyst was concieved after setting up multiple home theaters with 2 or 4 of our SubMersive subwoofers only to find the main screen channels (left, center and right) to be limiting the sonic experience. In moderate to large dedicated home theaters speakers designed for a living room quickly become strained with the dynamic peaks, especially with modern soundtracks and concert BluRays. Enthusiasts and designers have experimented with speakers from the studio and commercial audio world with varying success in their search to fill a big room with even bigger sound. The Catalyst was designed with the expectations of filling the largest rooms with ease while maintaining the refinement required for a quality home audio speaker. Through the use of a high efficiency, coaxial midrange-tweeter complimented by 2 custom, high excursion bass drivers, it is more likely your own limits get tested rather than those of the Catalyst 12C.

The Catalyst’s 8” coaxial midrange/tweeter delivers its high frequencies through the center of 8” midrange driver. This allows the entire range above 250Hz to emanate from a single location insuring listeners across the room and in multiple rows hear coherent and clear sound. The 2000W of internal ICEpower amplification separately powers the tweeter, midrange and pair of sealed woofers insuring its full capabilities are realized in every system. The 3 elements are blended smoothly and seamlessly with a DSP crossover implementation allowing precise adjustment and alignment of the sound. The end result is a refined, effortless and exciting experience.

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Catalyst 12C Features:


  • Internally tri-amplified, fully active loudspeaker
    • Assembled in USA
    • 3 high efficiency ICEpower amplifiers
    • DSP implementation of 3 way active crossover
    • 2,000W available across 4 drive units
    • Transformer coupled, balanced input connection

Drivers & Design:

  • Italian made 8″ coaxial midrange/tweeter with integrated, titanium 1″ HF driver
  • Separate, sealed midrange chamber
  • Custom US Made 12″ bass drivers (2)
    • Full copper faraday sleeve for ultra low distortion
    • High excursion design for linearity at all levels
    • Optimized for high efficiency and headroom above 50Hz
  • Dual sealed woofer design for maximum linearity and ease of blending with subwoofers
  • 250Hz crossover from coaxial to woofers
    • Seamless blending with powerful woofers
    • Minimized cone motion of the 8” midrange
    • Ideal matching with other Catalyst models
  • 2 selectable response profiles for use with subwoofer or full range


  • Locally produced, miter-folded, press-veneered cabinet
    • Pre-veneered shell cut by precision CNC router from 1 continuous sheet
    • Precision interlocking bracing
    • Continuous wood grain wraps top to bottom and around to the back
    • Selection of wood species and stain options
  • Large beveled front edge
    • Reduces edge diffraction
    • Easier fit to baffle wall installations
    • Appealing visual demonstration of the complex miter-folded construction
  • Matching veneered speaker stand available
    • 22” height for appropriate tweeter height (~42”)
    • 1.75” thick, 19” square, solid base provides a stable platform
    • Large top hatch for easy mass-loading
    • Precisely located column on bass centers mass on the feet for maximum stability and upright stance
    • M6 threaded inserts for optional spikes.

Catalyst 12C Specifications:

  • Internally tri-amplified loudspeaker
    • 1000W powering 2x 12” woofers
    • 700W powering an 8” sealed midrange
    • 300W powering a 1” compression tweeter
  • Magnetically secured grills
  • Program 1 (IN) – +/-3dB from 50Hz to 20,000Hz free space response
  • Program 2 (OUT) – +/-3dB from 19Hz to 20,000Hz free space response (typically 8-16Hz in room)
  • Dimensions: 38″ H x 16″ W x 14″ D (Link to PDF & DWG dimension drawing)
  • Weight: 116 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 21″ W x 19″ D x 44″ H, 132 lbs
  • 10′ power cord with powerCON amplifier connection.
  • Switchable for 115/230 VAC nominal operation


Reviews, Testimonials, & Reviews:


AVS Forum (www.avsforum.com) chose to highlight a fun review/report from Mario (aka Blackdevil77 on AVS). Their summary: “Blackdevil77 may be young, but he sure knows good sound when he hears it, and he hears it in spades with these powered speakers and subs from Seaton Sound.” The direct link to the review can be found here:


AVS Forum made Vikram’s theater September’s “Home Theater of the Month”… appropriately dubbed “The Fortress of Solitude”


Audioguy’s system:

Quotes/comments to come…


I have been listening and tweaking my Seaton Sound system for a month now… this stuff sounds and looks good!!! Of course the SACD and Blue Ray concerts sound the best. However, I have found that streaming MOG and Beats Music (320b music) through SONOS and Oppo 105 DACS and the Seaton Equipment as close to Audio Nirvana as I have ever been. Millions of high res songs at your fingertips and the ability to approach 130db of clean sound has resulted in day after day, night after night of audio fun! My hat goes off to Mark Seaton for making my 40 year audio quest conclude.”

pics & comments:


Additional information

Weight 132 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 19 × 21 in
Veneer Options

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