Seaton Sound, Inc is a small batch manufacturer of high performance loudspeakers for home audio enthusiasts.  Our facility is located just north of Chicago, IL in Morton Grove, IL.


SubMersive, SubMersive HP, F18+, SubMersive F2, JS-12m Catalyst 12C & 8C, Spark series, and Ember Series

Company Overview

Seaton Sound, Inc designs and produces high performance loudspeakers and subwoofers for home theater enthusiasts since 2005.  Mark Seaton is the founder and designer of Seaton Sound, Inc.  Mark is very involved in various online AV communities such as AVS Forum, Whats Best Forum, AV Nirvana, various facebook groups, and of course our own user forum.  (Read more about Mark Seaton)


Setting new expectations of what is possible from home theater and home audio systems.