MFW amplifier

MFW-15 Mk2 & Turbo X Amplifier
MFW-15 Mk2 & Turbo X Amplifier

Drop-In replacement amplifier for AV123’s MFW-15 subwooofer, originally designed by Mark Seaton for AV123 using custom optimized DSP and a conservatively rated, 700W ICEpower amplifier module.  The amplifier is assembled in the US and similar to what we use in our JS-12 subwoofer. The same physical amplifier is used for the original MFW-15 Turbo Woofer and the new MFW-15 Turbo X woofer option, and can be shipped back for reprogramming for use with the Turbo or Turbo X woofer at any time in the future. Save the small 18 x 10 x 4″ box & packing for the amplifier if you might upgrade in the future.

Turbo X woofers are now available to order directly from Parts Express, currently $199 each with free shipping, you can also keep an eye out for sales in the coming months.  The new MFW-15X woofer upgrade uses the Dayton MX15-22 woofer and offers a dramatic jump in performance over the stock woofer with limits that are well matched to those of the Mk2 amplifier, while offering a significant savings over what the previous Turbo woofer cost in years past, and is available at a fraction of what the same woofer costs at current prices. The MX15 woofer comes with a durable, high excursion, rubber surround, a triple stack magnet, and bumped and vented back plate.  This woofer allows us to put the full power of the 700W ICEPower amplifier to use, where it’s capable of delivering more than 900W into a real speaker load. The tall rubber surround fits perfectly in the original MFW face plate, where the original Turbo required spacers affecting the aesthetic. With roughly double the linear excursion, it offers a significant upgrade over the original MFW-15 woofer.

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