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F18+ or F18-Slave Subwoofer – Shipping Damage


One F18 unit available immediately as an F18+ or F18-Slave.  (Update – F18+ 3 week lead time)

While our custom packing is quite durable and effective, a puncture with a sharp object resulted in a blemish on the top, right, front corner, primarily to the edge of the cover panel, and a minor dent in the main veneered cabinet.  After some careful touch up and orienting the damaged corner on the bottom, this damage is only clear up close.  See images showing the minor damage to the bottom edge of the face, and the minor dent to the top right corner.  This unit comes with our full 5 year warranty and performs flawlessly, at a $200 savings over the already discounted F18+ price, and only $995 to add a slave for those who already have an F18+.

The F18 is a highly flexible, modular subwoofer solution where each F18+ unit with its 4,000W amplifier can power itself, as well as 1, 2, or 3 additional F18-Slave units.  In-room extension to below 10Hz is possible in the largest to the smallest of spaces.  Slave units can be placed separately from the F18+ unit such as an F18+ in the left front corner, and a connected F18-Slave unit in the front right corner.

Flat rate shipping of $95 each within the lower 48 states.

International customers please e-mail us with your shipping address and the number of units you are ordering so we can get back to you with an accurate quote.  Please note shipping larger subwoofers internationally is largely determined by overall dimensions, so shipping two is typically double the cost to ship a single unit.

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F18 Details and Specifications:

Amplifier & Controls (F18+):

  • 4000W continuous power amplifier (with slave connected)
    • 1400W continuous power as a single unit
    • Capable of driving our passive F18-Slave to the same levels as a single F18+
    • 4 Conductor Neutrik SpeakON connection for powering optional slave unit
    • US designed, high current, high duty cycle, class D amplifier design
    • High efficency of up to 95% for maximum power from available home circuitry
    • Fully Manufactured in the USA (board level up)
    • Nominal 120V operation (HP i+/F2i+ version available for 208-240V operation)
    • IEC Power Cord (10′ length included) – right angle plug available
  • Connection options
    • 12V trigger and auto sensing – 3.5mm mini-cable connection
    • LED indicator for power, standby or error codes.
    • XLR -Female input (LFE/mono) with looping, XLR – Male output (internal Y connection)
    • 2 summed RCA inputs for LFE or Stereo inputs
  • Digitally programmable, detented, control knobs for precision adjustment and tuning
    • GAIN (volume) control – wide range for matching any system
    • LF Adjust (low shelf/adjust extension/room sizing) enabling adjustment of low frequency extension from 12Hz to 27Hz or +/- 8dB shelf (see graphs).
    • Low pass crossover 30-120Hz + 200Hz, precise, digital, Linkwitz-Riley 4th Order fitlers (24dB/oct)
    • Delay adjustment – 0-20ms for multiple subwoofer blending
  • Proprietary DSP performance optimization
    • Smooth anechoic/outdoor frequency response
    • Carefully optimized, proprietary overload protection – never fear for the well being of your subwoofer while the F18 maintains composure to much more intense playback levels
    • Smooth power response to 200Hz for seamless crossover and articulation with compact speakers
    • Shallow sealed roll off maintained in all LF Adjust settings
    • Shallow low frequency roll off typically yields 7-10Hz in-room extension
    • LF Adjust shelving & room size adjustment allow for a best fit with large to small rooms or adjusting to personal preference after room correction.

Drivers & Design:

  • 18″ sealed subwoofer
  • High excursion 18″ driver with 3” Voice Coil
  • Durable and strong inverted dish cone consisting of 2 layers woven fiberglass sandwiching a Nomex honeycomb
  • Cast 12 spoke basket with large under spider venting
  • Extended pole with dual aluminum shorting rings for low distortion at all power levels
  • Under spider venting and large pole vent for low operational noise and thermal cooling


  • Common enclosure to ensure matching in driver output
  • Locally produced with custom-tooled lock mitered construction
    • Pre-veneered shell cut by high precision CNC router
    • Pre-veneered sheet is machined pressed for superior veneer adhesion
    • Lock mitered joints insure perfect alignment, increased joint strength, and sharp veneer edges.
    • Matte black, decoupled 1.25” beveled face for woofer protection, baffle damping, and aesthetic appeal
    • Interlocking braces enhance strength and precision of the enclosure while controlling panel vibrations
    • Removable feet with counter-bored, M6 hardware allows for optional spikes or a flat bottom for stacking
    • Selection of available wood species and stain options
  • Magnetically secured grills with no pegs to break or see when the grills are off
  • Dimensions 24.25″ H x 23.5″ W x 18″ D (including feet and magnetically attached grill)
  • Dimension Drawing (link to PDF)
  • Weight: 115 lbs (F18+)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 28″ W x 22″ D x 30″ H, 128 lbs


Acoustic Details:

  • Internal 4000W/1400W amplification (with slave/indiviually)
  • Anechoic response:
    • +/-3dB from 18Hz to 200Hz outdoor response (LF Adjust @ 12 o’clock)
    • +/-3dB from 12Hz to 200Hz outdoor response (LF Adjust @ full clockwise)
    • +/-3dB from 27Hz to 200Hz outdoor response (LF Adjust @ full counter-clockwise)
  • 24dB/Octave CROSSOVER selectable from 30-120Hz and Bypass
  • 0-20ms DELAY adjustment for blending front/rear subwoofer sets
  • Typical in-room extension to 7-12Hz

Additional information

Weight 128 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 22 x 30 in
F18 Subwoofer

F18+ with 4000W internal amplifier, F18-Slave

Cabinet Veneer

Black Maple


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