SubMersive HP+ & HP-Slave Subwoofer
SubMersive HP+ & HP-Slave Subwoofer

The SubMersive was the first product offered by Seaton Sound in 2006.  The first owners were all avid enthusiasts who learned about what Mark Seaton was doing with the SubMersive through the fast growing AVS Forum (link to AVS for a bit of nostalgia).  Since then the SubMersive has seen 4 upgrades over the years keeping it a top contender against the best subwoofers available.  Even more than a decade later the first pair of SubMersives in the linked AVS thread have been upgraded to our latest version of the SubMersive HP+ available here.  The SubMersive successfully demonstrated that it was both possible and desirable to offer low frequency extension to below 10Hz in room and dramatically higher dynamic capabilities.  You didn’t have to give up a concert kick drum if you wanted the room to shudder when depth charged on the screen.  The SubMersive has evolved into 2 variations and a highly refined subwoofer equally at home in the most impressive home theaters and complimenting exotic music systems.

Flat rate shipping of $95 each within the lower 48 states.

International customers please e-mail us with your shipping address and the number of units you are ordering so we can get back to you with an accurate quote.  Please note shipping larger subwoofers internationally is largely determined by overall dimensions, so shipping two is typically double the cost to ship a single unit.

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External SubMersive/F18 Amplification
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