F18+ or F18-Slave Subwoofer – Shipping Damage
F18+ or F18-Slave Subwoofer – Shipping Damage

One F18 unit available immediately as an F18+ or F18-Slave.  (Update – F18+ 3 week lead time)

While our custom packing is quite durable and effective, a puncture with a sharp object resulted in a blemish on the top, right, front corner, primarily to the edge of the cover panel, and a minor dent in the main veneered cabinet.  After some careful touch up and orienting the damaged corner on the bottom, this damage is only clear up close.  See images showing the minor damage to the bottom edge of the face, and the minor dent to the top right corner.  This unit comes with our full 5 year warranty and performs flawlessly, at a $200 savings over the already discounted F18+ price, and only $995 to add a slave for those who already have an F18+.

The F18 is a highly flexible, modular subwoofer solution where each F18+ unit with its 4,000W amplifier can power itself, as well as 1, 2, or 3 additional F18-Slave units.  In-room extension to below 10Hz is possible in the largest to the smallest of spaces.  Slave units can be placed separately from the F18+ unit such as an F18+ in the left front corner, and a connected F18-Slave unit in the front right corner.

Flat rate shipping of $95 each within the lower 48 states.

International customers please e-mail us with your shipping address and the number of units you are ordering so we can get back to you with an accurate quote.  Please note shipping larger subwoofers internationally is largely determined by overall dimensions, so shipping two is typically double the cost to ship a single unit.

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